Second : Want to Break the Record ?

Ever you question your self, In what condition you will do the best with FlappyBird ?

You do the best with FlappyBird when you no have any thing in your head, it mean no thought, no emotion, event no the wanting to break the record. In that state, you are in the peace of mind.

Basically, you can use FlappyBird as kind of meter for your inner peace at the moment you play the game.

If you ever read about ZEN (the essential of zen is do one thing at one time), FlappyBird not is evil as some comment, it is the tool which you can practice ZEN. I said that because when do playing with FlappyBird you are forced to no mind, no emotion if you want to pass just one pile.

That it, hope you can break your record. GOOD LUCK!
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