First : Understand Why You Fail Before You Can Win

You are trapped in the hole which created by your self

I am not kidding, that is the number one reason you fail. How it happened ?. Flappybird is a deadly difficult game in the form of so simple and stupid out side.
How simple it is ?
   What you will do to play ? You do nothing but tap in to mobile screen.
   What is mission ? Just fly as far as possible.
That it, and from the extreme simple of outside, you think that so easy to success with this stupid game.

But from the first try you will soon realize
How easy you dead ?
   When the bird go up, vertical distance between 2 piles so small, you just one more tap and stupid bird will hit the pile above.
   When the bird go down, just in one fragment of second, it will possibly hit the ground.

In summary, you are trying to do one of the most complex task in the world with very small of caring in your mind. So do not surprise if you FAIL AGAIN and AGAIN.

What is 99% of Your Dead ?

If you count how you dead time to time. You will soon see that you do not dead by hit the ground but by hit upper pile. It can be vary but around 99% of your dead will be by hit upper pile.

How to win ?

You need to care about not hit above pile instead afraid of go down to ground.

You Need 100% Percent of Focus While Playing this Game.

So How to Do This ?

Just this one simple trick can sky rock your score :

Each time you tap to screen, you quietly speak in your head the word "LOW".

Why do that ?

The action of quietly speak word in your head will keep you focus.

The "LOW" word will remind you not hit to above pile.

That is it, so simple but very effective.

I do not say that you will make a record but by this way you will do your best with FlappyBird. GOOD LUCK !

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